Building easy with digital, just in single click or tap

The TapMo business cards have NFC technology, which allows you to share contact information, social connections, and so much more with any smartphone without installing any apps.

Take advantage of the multiple benefits of a Digital Cards

With the smart business cards and digital cards, you will be able to reach your clients very easily and hassle-free. It will help you to reach individuals in an easy and convenient manner.

Easy to Share

User can share business details and contacts with just one tap using TapMo cards. Digital cards can also be shared using WhatsApp, Telegram, Text Messages, Facebook, Instagram, ETC by using custom URLs to your digital cards.

Easy to Save

Usually people do not save contact details from paper visiting cards. TapMo card allows you to save all the information including contact number, email address, website, company, etc. just with a single tap on your phone.

Easy to Carry

Now there is no need to carry a paper business card box in your bag or wallet. TapMo can be carried in your wallet like a credit card. It looks very professional and stylish.

Business Engagement

When you use the TapMo business card, you engage customers more towards your business because they will save your number and be able to contact you at their convenience.

Eco Friendly

TapMo business cards and digital card are the paperless solutions, so you will not have to carry around any printed cards. We encourage green living or green manufacturing methods that reduce the number of resources used.

Affordable Price

As a result, we set our price for any product very low in comparison to others, in order to reach every individual with our product.

Our Solution

TapMo India is always striving to provide you with the best product and solution that can enable you to reach the largest number of customers as easily and at an affordable price.

Simple Pricing

Our TapMo digital solution

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